Hover Tank game using Unreal 4

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Max Powerz
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Hover Tank game using Unreal 4

Postby Max Powerz » Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:45 am

I got bored and made some Hover tank Physic's in the Unreal SDK,
Here's where i'm at after about 2 hours work..

The tank floats using 16 points of reference to calculate the chassis height from the ground and to apply force to the chassis to make it hover.
You can aim up and down but can't shoot yet, and i made a debug camera that pulls out so i can view the debugging lines of the hover physic's.
It's controllable with WASD and mouse or Joystick..
There's a jump button but i'l be disabling it, it's only for testing the bouncyness of the tanks hover physic's.
There's a landscape with some shape to it i made for testing what kinds of inclines the hover tank can handle and to help tune the tanks overall movement speed.
Everything's still Greybox, i haven't textured anything except the tank, and even that was a quick slap on UV map.

Here's a video of me testing out the hover physic's and looking for large enough inclines to get stuck on to see the maximum angle the tank can transition across.
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Max Powerz
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Re: Hover Tank game using Unreal 4

Postby Max Powerz » Wed May 25, 2016 5:01 pm

I present 30km's+ of city....


Here's a look at the city from the HoverTank cockpit

Don't laugh at the low resolution i have to play it at to record, it runs better when i'm not recording, i'm making this on a low end laptop that has an IntelHD4000 GPU :(
And the city's still Greybox (well blue) meaning it's un-textured first pass implementation.

Feature so far.
4 guns, Super Shot, Mortar, Machine Gun, Rail Gun.
The Mortar shot has a slow high arc travel, i have made a targeting reticle for the mortar that predicts the projectile landing spot.
Hover Tank converts from Tank to Wipeout style hovercraft for high speed travel (Barrel dissappears and loses the ability to shoot, animation's/fx/audio are still WIP)
HoverTank can magnetize to certain surfaces allowing for vertical travel and inverted travel, wipeout style roads that wind all over the place are possible and will be implemented soon-ish.
3D Radar.
Keys and doors/walls that can be opened/removed with collected keys.
Gems, collect them to increase your money, use the money at vendors to upgrade the vehicle. (found scattered around the city or dropped by enemies when killed)
Vendors (still WIP) simple shops for buying ammo and or upgrades to tank and weapons.
Custom music support, loads and plays .ogg files from the /Songs directory in the game folder, plays them alphabetically (random coming soon). the game scans this dir and loads all .ogg files and plays them as the music and for syncing the effects.
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Re: Hover Tank game using Unreal 4

Postby ADMIN » Thu May 26, 2016 11:23 am


How is the city generated?
Also, how much of this work involves custom coding vs attaching presets to actors?
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Max Powerz
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Re: Hover Tank game using Unreal 4

Postby Max Powerz » Thu May 26, 2016 4:52 pm

It's a combination of tech. CityEngine and Unreal, and once it's generated no actors need placing it becomes one big instanced static mesh.
Current vertices count on the city is 1.4mill, approx. 400k tris. It's fair big but very low poly made from basic shapes.
It's also Superflat, the terrain is flat and so is the city, i'm thinking of making a bit of hill to the terrain but it's a shitload of work to make sure the city and the terrain line up perfectly and i'm not sure i want to spend that much time on it at this point.

Easiest explanation behind how it works is,

Splines are used to generate the roads,
When the splines loop around and form a block the block is then turned into a vertice and that vertice is then sub-divided into smaller "Lots",
Each "Lot" is given a value between 0-1 depending on how close it is to the spline and the origin point of the spline network, this weighted value dictates what buildings are created or if empty space is used.
Once the Lots are made if it's a 1 then it's a skyscraper, the skyscrapers are all near the origin point of the spline network.
The large area'a that are park/empty space are weighted 0, because they are far away from the origin point of the spine network and from the spline road it'self.
Houses are spawned in areas weighted ".4 - .7", they are far away from the origin point but close to the road spline.
This part is done in CityEngine and then exported as FBX into unreal where i then need to fix up tons of textures and scale it to fill the entire unreal world.
I then use Splines in unreal to build walls around the city to lock the player into the level so they can''t fall off the landscape.
I than use foliage painting feature to place things like tree and scenery actors to save time.

I still need to manually place things like spawn points, my vendors, trees, signs, and a few extra little hidden goodies.
I'm also thinking of putting in a maze, a big one, not too complex just big in size, kinda like an oversized hedge maze off to the side of the city, in there there will be lots of enemy's, turrets and goodies too.

And here's a pic of where i'm at today...

Improved Layout
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Max Powerz
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Re: Hover Tank game using Unreal 4

Postby Max Powerz » Thu May 26, 2016 5:37 pm

As for the game it'self.
The coding part is still a lot of custom work.
Everything i want to achieve has to be manually coded in, there's no drop in functionality.
Like all games each one is unique and what works in a game and how something works in a game game differs greatly between titles, even when they have similar features.
Some features i have added i have gotten the coding idea's and functionality by learning from store assest's i purchase.
I reverse engineer the assest and work out how the logic works and then i re-use that how i see fit for the purpose of my game in a way that works for the kind of game i'm making.
I mainly do that to save time, i can achieve the same results just fiddling around by myself but it takes a lot longer if i have to learn via the good ol, Trial an Error technique..

I'll have a test build ready by the end of the week, i have been slowly testing build over the last few days to make sure it would compile with the custom music loading plugin.
I'd have it cooked an ready by today but it's my birthday and i'm about to kick back and knock back a few beers with me mates n play some PS4.

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