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Gaming Legends

Postby NeatNit » Mon May 27, 2013 1:59 am

I am currently re-playing the GameCube game Metroid Prime. This game is a legend to me, because not only was it one of the best and most successful games in gaming history, but that was despite also being one of the least anticipated. Fans were initially horrified of the notion that a game like Metroid being played in first-person perspective can be anything but a mindless, boring shooter. Nobody expected it to be this good. It holds a Metacritics score of 97.

Are there any games you consider legendary?

(I have a bunch more up my sleeve but I'll save them for later)
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Re: Gaming Legends

Postby Scribble[SFD] » Mon May 27, 2013 7:42 am

Quake 1.

To this day, I hold it as the best game ever made.

It was also the innovator of many standard FPS standards.

1st FPS game to:
1) Fully support mouse look
2) Fully provide true 3d (not 2 1/2d and not use sprites)
3) Provide full over the internet drop-in/drop-out multi-player gaming
4) Hold a major gaming tournament with major prizes
5) Provide the ability of ez to use and ez to make mods, all for free

The Quake 1 engine is still the roots of many current major franchises. For example, to this day, Valve's source engine (not just source gold) STILL contains a lot of quake 1 code and is still firmly rooted in the original engine.

Also to NeatNit, a fun connective fact for ya if you didn't know:
The best Quake 1 mod, IMO, was the Threewave Capture the Flag mod, which was created by Zoid, which ended up landing him a job in the gaming industry, first with id software, then later to work on Metroid Prime. He currently works for Valve software.
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Re: Gaming Legends

Postby NeatNit » Sat Jun 01, 2013 3:48 am

Haha, fun fact, I did not know that.

Another game I'd like to mention is Plain Sight. It's a chaotic multiplayer game about suicidal ninja robots. Don't read too much into that because there's no story, no distractions - it's just pure, multiplayer fun. Everyone, and I really do think I mean EVERYONE who's ever played this game loves it. It was made by a small indie team in the UK, and it was released polished to the max.

Sadly, as time went by, their update attempts have thrown the game into a bug-ridden pool of sadness. The only thing they haven't been able to break is the game itself! So you might experience bugs in the menu, in the scoreboard, in the chat, or in the death screen, but the game still works and is just as fun as it ever was. It has the most tolerant network code I've ever played, some of the prettiest graphics styles. Oh, and they're apparently making a sequel but that's just in diapers right now!

It was recently featured in The Indie Gala.

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