Blitz3D and other software

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Blitz3D and other software

Postby Isotope » Fri Dec 16, 2011 9:52 am

Since I was nine I wanted to create a game named Armageddon I've perfected the game design ideas over the years and came up with better ideas: a 3D Real-time strategy game, you start out on Earth and fly to other planets to create you're MASSIVE Empire Spanning: Air, Land, Sea, Under-ground and Space. Peaple can even piece together their own Units!!! (Tanks, Fighter jets, Warships, Submarines, Turrets, Buildings and Space crafts). Mine resources and Decimate Enemy units to gain credits and matierial to buy weapons, parts and bullets for you're units. Also play multi-player online against the world!!!. Many of the planets are going to be random maps, the planets will regenerate by being sucked in by Black holes
and CRUSHED (Even with your base on it!!!) then a new planet teleports into space.

I'm going to buy Blitz3D and from what I read Blitz is not a 3D modeling software, what 3D modeling software do I use (what do you have)???

And what software did you use to make Tank Universal 1 and 2???
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Re: Blitz3D and other software

Postby ADMIN » Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:17 am


Vanilla Blitz3d for TU1.

So far I've been using BlitzMax + Xors3d for TU2 dev

However I'm currently assessing Nuclear Basic for its DX11 support
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