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Long time no see...

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:33 am
by Proteus123
You probably do not remember me but I kind of helped you in a small way when you was working on
the TU1 game (which I by the way also got on steam - Again - simply to support such a good game).

I have kept an eye on TU2 and the latest screen shots looks amazingly good! Not that the previous
was bad or anything but WOW! TU2 is destined to become one fantastic game it seems.

I am sure, by the look of it from this forum, you have lots of offers to beta test. I would not want do anything
less than offer my self too ;)
But since you now are using Blitz Max maybe there will be a mac native version? After all Steam is now
days available nativly on Mac. If not we can allways look and see if the games runs under virtual environment
or not.

Anyways..simply wanted to say 'Hi' and tell you the next part of the Tank Universal looks good.
REALLY, really good. Fun to see so many expansions and improvements of an otherwise allready fun and
well designed game.
Actually I wish your graphical style (or game engine outright) would be used to create other game
projects. It is simply too damn good looking to be used on one genre of gaming. Regular FPS and RTS
come to mind. But oh well...probably only dreaming ;)

Bye for now *waves*