sudden computer freeze during gameplay

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sudden computer freeze during gameplay

Postby Tubefiller » Mon Sep 08, 2008 4:52 am

Hello everyone.

I experience sudden freezes of my machine during gameplay.
They occur after 2-15 minutes. The images freezes, the keyboard
is blocked (no Alt+F4, Ctrl+Alt+Del, or Caps-Lock toggle works
anymore) but strangely - the music continues to play.
I then have to press the reset button.

My system configuration (yes, a bit exotic):
- Game starts out of Steam
- Dual Opteron 240 prozessors on a Tyan S2885
- 1GB main memory
- NVidia GeForce 6800 with 128 MB Ram
(Driver version: (system style) or
175.16 (NVidia Website style))
- Soundblaster X-Fi
(Driver version: from 15.07.2008 (system style),
should resemble 2.18.0004 on the web page)
- Windows XP Professional 64Bit

I already tried to reduce the video effects (ticked everything off)
and to use "-safe" ... maybe it takes a bit longer
with these options for the freeze to happen but I'm not sure.

If someone has an idea what I could try, I would be happy
for a hint.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: sudden computer freeze during gameplay

Postby ADMIN » Mon Sep 08, 2008 2:21 pm


There's the usual advice of updating drivers etc.. however, looking at your Nvidia driver version no's I assume they're the latest? Also, might be worthwhile updating your DirectX to the latest (if you haven't already).

Also, if running fullscreen then perhaps try windowed to see if the same behaviour occurs.

However, perhaps something to try first is the following;

Locate the Tank Universal folder within your steamapps - typically;
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\tank universal steamworks edition

In the TU root directory, locate the file; TU_SCR.CFG. Open with a text editor.

Locate the lines;
GLOW_HARDWARE (0 = software,1 = hardware)

change the 1 to 0, resave the file. (WARNING: do not add to or change the format of the text file. If the game fails to start correctly after editing this file, delete it and restart).

Let me know how this goes.

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Re: sudden computer freeze during gameplay

Postby Tubefiller » Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:01 am


and sorry for the late answer - I have become a weekend gamer ... :-\

I went through the suggestions - but to make it short it didn't help
the freezes are still there.

The details:
I did the following tests step-by-step: make the change, run the game until the
freeze, make the next change, etc. That way I wanted to avoid that I make
several changes and in the end loose track which change had which effect.

The tests:
- checked if the graphics and sound drivers are up2date - they are
- the DirectX drivers were from June 2008, so I did an update and a test
- changed GLOW_HARDWARE to 0 and test
- ran the game in windowed mode and test
- as I saw some PhysX driver files in the installation directory I checked the
Ageia PhysX drivers that were installed on the system - v7.11.13.
I deinstalled these system drivers and did a test
- installed the newest NVidia PhysX drivers v8.08.18 and test

None of the tests made any difference, the computer is still freezing after a
few minutes of game play. On the other side there was also no degradation
either, no sudden crashes at startup or something like that.

I think I have to mention that my computer has a hardware problem.
(During a rough transport the combination mainboard <-> graphic card got damaged.
Installed normally the graphic card is producing wrong pixels, lines and polygons.
I have to mechanically bend the graphic card to enable normal operation. This
*might* be the reason for these problems but I don't think so because in the
2 1/2 years I used this damaged computer for gaming (lots of games) the worst
thing that happened were these wrong pixels that in serious cases lead to a
complete collapse of the picture but the rest of the machine always continued to work.
Still - this game might access the hardware differently and cause the freeze.)

Also the Windows installation is *old*. I didn't install many tools and applications but
a lot of games so this might also be a source of problems (yes, I tried to shut down as
many background processes as possible).

I suggest that not too much effort is invested into this problem.
It looks like I'm the only one with this problem and it's on an old and exotic machine.
In the next weeks I will buy a new machine (just waiting for these nice 1GB 4870 cards ;))
and then try the game on this machine again.

Thanks for the effort and I'm looking forward to play the game - the beginning
already looks good. :)

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Re: sudden computer freeze during gameplay

Postby Necronaught » Thu Sep 25, 2008 7:02 am

you don't need the physix drivers on a 6800. I suggest you try 92.91 drivers for that ancient card. Today's apps should still run using those drivers

edit: click above for the drivers :)

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