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Quick question to Admin

Postby Phantaminium » Sun Dec 05, 2010 4:23 pm

why does the Megaron tank appear in the level - 20, the watcher, then disappear about a minute after? a couple times I think it teleported outside of the map :|

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Re: Quick question to Admin

Postby Scribble[SFD] » Mon Dec 06, 2010 4:41 pm

I only really noticed the megatron tank on my last play through. I think it is just there as a "show of force" or to "scare" you.

Really, in the last level, you aren't supposed to fight anything. You are just supposed to rush for the eye.
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Re: Quick question to Admin

Postby ADMIN » Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:43 am


What Scribble said. Basically it's just a way to bump up the apparent threat facing the player, but without being too dangerous.

After the level before being such a tough extended fight, I thought it best for the final level to appear to be tricky, but actually relatively easy and short. And this highlights a problem with video game 'final levels' - they're supposed to be the climax of the game and so traditionally the difficulty spikes. We've all seen this - a game has been terrific and then comes the final level and the difficulty gets stupid hard and it sours the whole game. The Meat Circus level in Psychonauts comes to mind.

Conversely, sometimes a game fudges the end and seems too easy. Interestingly this seems to have almost the same effect, although at least the player's not likely to rage-quit. An example was the boss fight at the end of Doom3. The trick to beating the boss was obvious and it became apparent pretty quickly that the player wasn't in much peril.

So possibly a 'workaround' is to make the penultimate level the tough fight, capitalising on the player's expectation that this isn't the end of the game but then make the final level appear very dangerous but structure it so that if the player dashes, they can get through relatively easily. In other words, structure it like a haunted house fairground ride, full of frights and scares to fool the player into thinking they've just scraped though on luck and skill when in fact the level is structured to give that impression.
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Re: Quick question to Admin

Postby johno » Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:51 pm

I was questioning the relevance of what I have to say, but considering the talk about difficulty here goes anyhow...

I've been playing some Tron : Evolution on PC. Have been greatly looking forward to the movie (got tickets yay!), and realized the other day "oh yeah there was a game too...".

I don't want to get into the whole "movie games are per definition doomed to be crap...", because I don't have enough experience with purely movie-related titles, but I wanted to give all the "fans of things Tron-ish" fair warning here:

You should really read the reviews on Tron : Evolution and think twice about paying for it.

It boggles the mind how badly the devs have executed almost every single thing that is related to gameplay. At the same time the game is crazy stylish and looks really nice (big thumbs up here).

I find myself dying at least once every 20 seconds, truly. If it isn't the quirky parkour stuff that has me jumping off cliffs it's the completely feedback-devoid combat where my attacks do no damage. Considering that the game is about "combos" and has a lot of chained animations I simply can't believe that they allow the enemies to INTERRUPT your stylish combos in the middle of an attack. It's just so frustrating.

As a fellow indie dev I just gotta say: there is SO much room for us and all the subtle ways we can make gaming better, both in gameplay, style and storytelling.

Eagerly awaiting TU2! :D

Play the game with a gamepad, even on the PC (XBox360 controller). The experience is much better.

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