While Reading Ben's thread for the first time. . .

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While Reading Ben's thread for the first time. . .

Postby Phantaminium » Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:18 pm

I had a game mode idea when I was reading Ben's tab for the first time, I don't remember how it got it my head.

It's based on chapter 14's network hack / having to build a fortress right there.

My "Expanding Fortress" Idea:

In my idea, every time you successfully hack a node, a tiny fortress gets built around it for a bit of protection (I don't mean having one big thing plop on top of it, I mean having walls being placed around it)till the rebel's area of control expands to it (The blue circle that expands when you leave it on the mini-map) then the tiny fortress gets either recycled for glyphs or moved around to another location(or blown up :roll: ).

Whenever a Red and Blue node are connecting(and there's a wall in the way), the Red side will either use some Sappers, Titans, or a Nuke, depending on both how close they are to the Blue Key(far - nuke, medium range - titans(1), close - sappers(node wise, not distance wise), I'm assuming the Red Team will use Titans(2 or 3) for the fortress guarding the key) and how much reinforcements they have. Since your not on the Red side, I figured they'd be allowed to do all that, while when only the Blue team's bots can only call some sappers since your on the same team.

if anyone can't understand this, please tell me and I'll try to reexplain >_<

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