Tank Universal creates a huge virtual ‘Tron-like’ world where you take part in immense 3D tank battles involving scores of units both friendly and not so friendly in wide open levels! 
'Retro styled 3-D levels and great audio complement the addictive gameplay...' PC Powerplay magazine.


17 March 2010 - Tank Universal updated for Windows7
Tank Universal has been updated for Windows7 compatibility. This new version has been distributed
all portals carrying the game. Check out the downloads section for an updated demo.
Bytten Ernie Award
10 April 2009 - Tank Universal wins an award!
The independent games fans at Bytten.com have presented Tank Universal with a Special Award in their 2009 Bytten Ernie Awards. Thanks Bytten!
Read all about it here;

9 February 2009 - a new year equals a new review!

Bob Mandel of The Adrenaline Vault has put together his list for the
'Top casual PC games of 2008'. While an eyebrow may be raised at Tank Universal being described as a 'casual game', we're very pleased that Bob has seen fit to include it in his list. Here's the link;

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